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Session #20 – Blinded by the light!

So in this session nothing much happened, nobody died, though there was a fair amount of fear at times. Basically, the group woke up out of the “Amber Light” and found out that things were different again – though they were starting in the foyer again, the same place that they had woken up before. Taloth, Tier, Vesna, and Gryphon were gone while Frater Nikolai, Brother Illya, and old party member Astrin were there, plus a new person unknown to everyone by the name of Katalyn. After a short bit of discussion (including testing Katalyn with holy water, silver, and cold iron to make sure she wasn’t a demon or something else vile) the group decided to move forward and investigate the mansion further.

With some leveling up and the new people involved, they also put together a bit more information about the castle. They managed to recal that there was some sort of curse that somebody was trying to get lifted somehow. They really didn’t have any more information, but at least had another thing to investigate.

Peeking inside the room where the boxing match took place, they saw it deserted save for a number of goblins in amber livery tidying up the place who all froze in place and loudly declared that there was “Nothing to see here, not a problem, just move along… We’re just cleaning up!” The party shrugged, and left them alone, moving down the hallway to the huge room with mirrors in the walls – which they decided was either a ballroom or some sort of audience chamber.

As a quick aside, that was always the problem with AD&D modules, they also never made any sort of sense when it came to either scale or any actual sort of reasonable layout when it comes to living space. X2 is no exception to this rule.

In any case, this is room the party gets blinded and then has to figure out what to do next. Things were going relatively well, until I rolled a random encounter of Shadows (1-8), and rolled a one. The single shadow I rolled targeted poor Isabella who immediately  decided to try and turn the formless thing that seemed to be attacking her and causing her to feel weaker and weaker…

Turing that shadow was easy, and then with all of the commotion that occurred with that combat I rolled a second encounter – which was shadows again, and this time I rolled shadows again! This time eight! So I ruled that it was the balance of the “one to eight” that might potentially show up. So seven showed up and started targeting the the little core of folks there – Sorer Isabella, Frater Nikolai, and Frater Gregor. The majority of the group had managed to almost make it to the doors at the end of the hall while Astrin and Kyril were off to one side.

One sidelight was Frater Kyril trying to use Dispel Magic on the blindness to no effect – save dropping the spells on characters and ruining all of the potions and dusts that the party was carrying. Not that any character knows this yet…

There was a round or two of increased confusion and fear as the shadows started attacking, Frater Gregor once again disrupted a spell being cast by Sorer Isabella – he has a history of doing this to her – by grabbing her arm and trying to (literally) blindly rush her off into some direction away from the things attacking them. I thought CB the player was going to kill MS the player with that one!

It also raised the question of if you need to see something in order to cast a spell on it when Frater Nikolai wanted to know if he could at least try to castHold Person on these things (whatever they were). On the fly, after glancing at a couple of rulebooks, I said that no, you didn’t but that you did need to make a save vs. Spell in order to do so (so that spellcasters would get better at it as they go up in level). More research reveals that there seems to be nothing in the rules that says you need to see the target as a general rule (as opposed to some specific spell description). My general thought is that either you can target an area if the spell would allow such a thing, or that you have to somehow perceive the target – normally via sight, but sound or touch or taste even would be reasonable as well, though possibly with increased chance of some sort of mistake.

Kyril had had enough and dropped a Fireball at his feet. He wasn’t sure what was going on but something was attacking all of the clerics, he could see anything, and he was damn sure not going to get attacked himself if he could help it. Everybody made their save (or Magic Resistance) save Frater Gregor (of course, his dice hate him) and he managed to lose his armour and a handful of other items. It did, however, seem to take care of the shadows. And then, in the short aftermath,  something else appeared and started roaring (literally) about how people were destroying his property (sending Mika and Frater Gregor into a panic, with Gregor running into a wall and knocking himself out) and Kyril kicked off a couple of Arcane Blasts at him or it and the noise stopped.

And the amber light rose up again…


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