Session #19 – The soft amber light rose about them…

There are number of lessons to be learned from last Sunday’s adventure:

  1. Don’t mess with drunken dwarves, they are belligerent and will take you out…
  2. Be careful what you eat.
  3. Cats think they are better than you, even when tied up.
  4. Modules are crazy-stupid at times, but fun.

So, as the party made their way back to civilization in the aftermath of the Slaughter of Seraph Keep,  they went to sleep and woke up – to find themselves in a world gone mad…

Yeah, I’m running them through Castle Amber (X2). Since my spouse was out of town on business this meant that Frater Nikolai and Brother Illya were gone – while my son had decided to bring Taloth back in to play. I also took the opportunity to bring both Gryphon and Kyril back – so the mix of the party was not what they thought it would be and they had no clue where the “missing people” had gone (which will be funny, because my son spends the next session with his mother which means Frater Nikolai and Brother Illya will be back but Tier and Taloth will be gone!)

They made it though the boxing match, the Tabaxi (*cough* rakasta), and into the banquet room before we had to call it. The party was already freaked out because of the magical transport, the grey mist, and the changed people – but the series of events that unfolded was hilarious and I think everyone had a great deal of fun.

Tier stood up for the boxing match (while Gryphon, Vesna, and Mika made some side bets) and the fight was over not-so-amazingly quickly, he far, far, far outclassed the demos magen boxer. But the Amber in question settled his debts, and then started fussing with his broken magen (which worked more like a Victorian-era Rock-Em, Sock-Em Robot). The party then moved into the next room to find the cat-people and slew eight of the twelve and captured the rest – but not until after they had damn near killed the Valdamir Gwion (the Bard) and the Frater Gregor (the not-Paladin) – Frater Gregor had gone charging into combat and ended up nailed by Ketzl’s second Color Spray – and then had his throat ripped out by one of the Tabaxi.

Which then resulted in a hilarious one sided game of charades after Vesna cast Comprehend Languages on one of them and attempted to communicate with them. The Tabaxi (who had all been knocked unconscious by a Color Spray), were none to impressed by this (the usual feline disdain) but in a rather surprise development “swore fealty” to Vesna in exchange for their freedom and a promise not to attack the rest of the party (they were then taken back to horses, where they got eat the dead one that had wandered into the mist). This whole process was the majority of the middle part of the session.

Then they went to the next room, which was the banquet room and everybody but Sorer Isabella and Frater Gregor sat down to eat…

Modules can be amazingly unbalanced and crazy.

Things went “fine” (that is, a mixture of positive, negative, and neutral effects spread scross the feasters) until the mushroom’s and people started dropping (and everyone was drunk from the red wine), at which point Frater Gregor tried to rush in and drag people away from the table while loudly insisting that everyone leave, etc. Gryphon, the very drunk dwarf, then punched him in the face for interrupting while trying to feed the Apple Strudel to Ketzl (or Mika, I can’t remember which now)…

Frater Gregor only had 2HP (the major healer of the party is gone…) and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. Then the brandy was served, and Mika and Vesna both blew their saves…

Now, the “amber light” descended because it was exactly the point at which I was going to have to call it anyways – and I get to decide if that was enough to save the two of them from joining the ghostly feast. I pretty much have decided that it was, though there is no promise that they will ever get the timing that right ever again. But it is a great way to warn them that the rules here in “Castle Amber” are very, very different then the way the rest of the world works…

But I am so looking forward to the rest of this module…



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2 thoughts on “Session #19 – The soft amber light rose about them…

  1. Oh, I look forward to hearing more about this one! I’m planning on running my new group of ACKS players through Castle Amber as soon as they are high enough level (probably awhile…only two of them have hit level 2). Looking forward to hearing about how the old module fairs.

    I have to admit I’m a bit… uncertain on how to play the rakasta. There is nothing in their description that depicts them as particularly bad or ‘monstrous’. So I guess I’ll just let reaction rolls determine how they interact with the party. They just don’t read like bad guys to me (though damn do they have some sweet treasure!).

    • We just played last Sunday, so there is one more session to write up – though not exactly a whole lot happened! If you wander back in the blog you can also see about the very non-standard events as they made their way through B2 as well.

      My take on the Rakasta is that they are basically (lawful-ish) neutral, and essentially like AD&D Tabaxi (from the Fiend Folio) – but more desert dwellers than jungle dwellers. They were quite happy with the idea that they would get fed the dead mule (from the mysterious grey mist outside). The humor factor when the party started to talk these creatures that only a couple of them had even heard of was just too good not take the opportunity of seeing how it turns out in the future.


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