The role of the nemesis…

My son, MR, has mentioned a couple of times now that the confrontation between Tier and Roland in the last game session was “a defining moment” for Tier – and I have to agree. It is interesting because the Tier started life as a mercenary spellsword and Roland was a 0-Level moving towards Paladinhood, and they are pretty much in the opposite camps at this point.

Tier has become a member of the Sabean Order, essentially NG order of champions in service to the more pragmatic branch of the Celestial Host, and he’s light-years away from the person he started as. Add in all of the rest of the mystical changes wrought upon him and he’s a one-elf power house and force for good. MR is really having fun playing that up as well.

Roland on the other hand was a dead character, but given the way he died (accidentally transported to the Realm of the Dead by Tier) he was pretty much a shoe-in for a “bad guy” at some point. I didn’t quite hope that he’d show up again so soon, but the opportunity last game was pretty much too good to pass up. Now, the question somewhat remains – is a wight? A vampire? Some version of a Death Knight? Something else entirely? He was physically transported to the Realm of the Dead – something which is certainly not good and he was 0-Level to boot! So whatever happened to him was pretty much instantaneous. And what is up with the three remaining spirits that escaped with him?

But Tier now has a nemesis, or rather, Tier has something that he is inclined to be the nemesis for himself. He realizes that he screwed up, and feels responsible for what happened to Roland. MR is already talking about hunting down Roland (which won’t be easy) – and the group isn’t sure if he had anything to do with the slaughter that occurred at Seraph Keep or not. But as Frater Nikolai pieces together what happened while he was passed out, he is growing increasingly uneasy with what seems to have happened – his charge, Roland, has reappeared in the company of unquiet spirits via some sort of magical gate in a demonic temple.

That is so not good…


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