And then just a note about Giants (1e)

Strictly speaking, there are only two types of true giants in the Mortal Realms , the hideous and loathsome Formorians and the beautiful and noble Titans. The Formorians hide themselves in wild and isolated spaces, save when they are motivated to either take service with some evil power out of mercenary greed or merely decide to strike out for civilized lands in a murdurous quest for food and treasure. Formorians are all Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil in alignment. They use primitive weapons and wear primitive clothing of hides and leathers.

Formorians – Formorians stand 16½’ tall, and have a Strength of 24 (+6/+12). They have 16 HD and an AC of 1, and are Immune to Normal Missiles. They are most commonly armed with a Club (3-18 Damage), a Warclub (6-36 Damage), and usually have some sort of crude knife (3-9 Damage). They can also throw boulders up to 24″ for 2-24 Damage, and will commonly keep a supply of such boulders nearby.

The magical Titans are equally as isolated, but they live on isolated isles and mountaintops far from human lands. The greatest and noblest among them dwell in free-floating cloud castles that travel where the owners will them to. A proud people, the Titans value beauty in all forms and are friendly with the Fae and those humans that can impress them – a “tall order” indeed! Titans are almost all Chaotic Good in alignment, but there are some that are Neutral Good as well. Titans bear well-crafted weapons and armour, and wear simple though exquisite clothing and jewelry.

Titans – Titans stand 20′ tall, and have a Strength of 25 (+7/+14). They have 17-22 HD, and and AC of 2/3/7 (armour is a Skin, Dexterity, Studded Leather and Shield), are able to turn Invisible at will, radiate a double-strength Protection from Evil, and can enter or leave the Maelstrom twice per day. They all have the abilities of Clerics, Mages, and Psionicists of a level equal to half their Hit Dice (some rare individuals are equal to their HD). They commonly bear a Shortsword (5-20 Damage) or Broadsword (5-30 Damage), a Fighting Knife 5-20 Damage), a Heavy Spear (3-30 Damage, ROF 1, Range: 6″/7″/8″), and a selection of Javelins (5-20 Damage, ROF2, Range: Range: 7″/8″/9″). They are also known to bear Shortbows as well (5-20 Damage, ROF2, Range: 11″/16″/21″). The weapons and armour of Titans is often Masterwork quality or magical (+1 or +2) in nature and can get additional bonuses (special Javelins of Lightning are a favorite, as are other elementally-imbued weapons). They are all considered to have a Dexterity of 18 – and get a bonus of +3 to Missile Weapons attacks and Initiative rolls.

There are also four varieties of “Elemental Giant” – powerful elemental spirits that inhabit isolated regions of the Mortal Realms. These spirits are all very rare, and while they have outposts and strongholds it is probably more common to encounter them in service to some powerful wizard or aiding the dorje of the En Khoda Theos Kirk. The Elemental Giants all require a +1 or better weapon to be hit, have 21HD, and they are all True Neutral in alignment like many elemental spirits. The Giants can actually reduce themselves in size by compressing and intensifying their elemental natures to as small as 6′ in size, though this is somewhat tiresome and generally considered “uncomfortable” by these elemental spirits.

Stone Giants – Standing 11′ tall, these squat and broad humanoids of animate earth andf stone only take 1/2 damage from any melee weapon and are immune to missile weapons. All weapons striking them must save vs. Crushing Blow or be broken (note: non-magical weapons automatically fail) They strike twice in combat for 3-30 points of damage each time or they may throw a boulder once per round for 4-40 points of damage at up to 40″ away. The most powerful of these giants can stomp a create an Earthquake effect in the immediate area.

Frost Giants – The blue-skinned humanoids made of animate ice stand 13′ tall. They are immune to Frost and Cold and take double damage from fire or heat-based attacks. They bear huge weapons formed of ice that strike once per round for 3-24 points of damage (with Cleaving), they also radiate such freezing cold during combat that creatures within a 10′ radius take 3-24 points of damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half). Frost Giants may also breath out a Cone of Cold every rounds for 6d4 damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half) or hurl a Ball of Frost that does 4d6 damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half). The most powerful of these giants are known to radiate such freezing cold that they have the same effect as a cold Fire Shield.

Fire Giants – Comprised of 16′ tall bodies of animate flame, these giants are immune to Fire and Heat effects and take double damage from water-based attacks. They can create weapons of flame at will that do 3-24 points of damage (with Cleaving), and they radiate such heat during combat that creatures within a 10′ radius take 2-24 points of damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half). Fire Giants may also breath out a Cone of Fire every rounds for 6d4 damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half) or hurl a Fireball that does 4d6 damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half). The most powerful of these giants are known to radiate such heat that they have the same effect as a Fire Shield.

Storm Giants – These Elemental Giants stand 19′ Tall, with bodies comprised of animate wind and lightning that are immune to Electricity. They may strike twice per round for 3-36 points of damage, and creatures striking them will suffer 3-36 points of electrical damage with each successful strike (unsuccessful strikes take half damage). Storm Giants may also throw radiate a Chain Lightning that does 6d6

It should go without saying that demon-corrupted Elemental Giants are among the most feared of all the servants of the Dearth.

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