Al on Moldvay

So Al over at Beyond the Black Gate has been doing a series on Moldvay’s instructions on how to play D&D. It’s interesting because I never played the Moldvay rules, I was a “Holmes gamer” who pretty much immediately moved to AD&D. So while I had friends who had the Moldvay D&D rules and who really got into the whole alphabet soup of BXLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (I never have understood these same people’s complaint about level inflation in AD&D).

But in any case, many of the OSR have a deep love for the Moldvay rules and Al has been taking some sections of the instructional part of how to be a GM. My son is getting ready to run Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, or Deathwatch, and I’ve been enjoying the series and figured he would as well. So here is the collection of links to the series:

Moldvay – Dungeon Mastering as a Fine Art

Moldvay – “That’s not in the rules!”

Moldvay – There’s always a chance.

Moldvay – The DM is the Boss

Moldvay – Everyone is here to have fun.

Moldvay – Everything is balanced.

Moldvay – Your character doesn’t know that

Some interesting reading in there, and the blog is just pretty darn good in general.


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