Not just another longbow… (1e)

So, this is an homage to two things, the 1980’s made-for-TV move “Escape from the Empire” and Roderick, from SD’s game played by TF.

Kel, the Heartbow.

There are a handful of Heartbows, of differing types and styles, Kel is a longbow of indestructible, dark reddish wood with a large red gem or crystal embedded just above the grip. It is a sentient, empathetic, and of Neutral Good alignment. Kel is distinctly male and has an Ego of 20. It’s powers are quite simple, it is a +10 Longbow, nothing more or less complex than that (no Strength bonus but Dexterity and Class/Specialization bonuses as normal). It can also be used as a club (1d6+10) in melee combat (this does get any Strength bonus), at the standard number of melee attacks per round.

But the power that comes from the Heartbow is not without it’s restrictions:

  • No other weapons others than a Knives/Daggers may be used.
  • The Heartbow will only use magical or silver-tipped arrows.
  • It may only be wielded by a good character that is a Fighter or Fighter-subclass (or multiclass).

When a character has the opportunity to take up a Heartbow, usually upon the death of the previous wielder, they will be judged as either worthy or unworthy by the Heartbow. This is represented by a System Shock roll, -50% if  a Fighter, -40% if a Ranger, -30% if an Archer, -20% if an Archer-Ranger, -50% if not proficient in a bow, and finally +Level as a %. This test looks like an arcing bolt of electricity and light, that sears the sigil of the Heartbow into the chest of the new bearer (and incidently killing the old bearer if they are still living) – and doing 2-20 HP of damage and 1 Point of Constitution damage if the test is failed. Anyone who is not the wielder who touches the Heartbow takes 20HP of damage per round if Evil, 10HP per round if Neutral, and 5HP per round of damage if Good.

Other known Heartbows are Elb (female Longbow), Uln (male Greatbow), and Lur (female Greatbow).


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