Banking and Taxes

How to handle money and banking recently came up in my game, quite the coincidence that I just came across a thread on the topic over at Yog-Sothoth and that lead this this great link.

What caused the last gaming session to blow up was the unexpected appearance of the taxman – who not only was ready to assess taxes on money, was going to collect the “tax” (more like a one-time license fee) for magic items. The whole situation freaked the heck out of people and I really handled the surprise badly – with certainly the critique that it shouldn’t have been as much of a surprise at all (true enough).

It’s had me re-reading the section in the DMG (page 90) on taxes and taxation, and reviewing how games like Pendragon handle taxes, etc. which in turn has me re-evaluating or re-thinking how I’ve handled stuff in the “reboot” of my AD&D campaign. Now it’s not much of an issue since the players have been playing around out in the boondocks for the most part. So things like tariffs, dues, duties, and tolls haven’t really played much of a part.

And one of the complaints of players is when things are needlessly confusing, or there isn’t any consistant application of principles.

So, need to get more consistant and I screwed myself by glossing over stuff at the beginning.

Hah! Kind of like DMing again for the first time!


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