I’ve been laid up sick this weekend…

Gaming was cancelled yesterday, that’s how sick I was.

So instead I’ll post about how happy I am am with this announcement.

It looks like a couple of my players will finally be able to get ahold of the rulebooks for a decent amount of money, and I can buy copies of stuff and save the wear-and-tear on my old editions. I really hope the WOTC decides to (re-)release the whole catalog in some version of PDF or POD, but I’m not holding my breath.

I know that there is all sort of excitement over this announcement as well, but I could really care less. Since having my own personal OSR, I’ve really figured out that I could care lass about playing a retro-clone, I want to play AD&D, and 1E at that. I really don’t care what edition a module or supplement is in, if it is a good product it is a good product and I’ll do whatever conversion is needed in order to run it. That’s an”Old School” attitude, not whinging about how…

Hell, there just seems to be a great deal of people in the OSR who seem to think that someone else pissed in their Cheerios – not realizing that they did it themselves. If they spent a quarter of the energy that they spent complaining about gaming just sitting down and doing it, they’d probably be a whole lot happier.


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2 thoughts on “I’ve been laid up sick this weekend…

  1. DysgraphicProgrammer

    I definitely want to pick up a set then! I have no problem using bit torrent, etc. for abandonware, but if I can get what I need legitimately, I much prefer to.

    Also, I want to encourage this kind of re-release..

  2. Yeah, everyone is pretty pleasantly surprised that WOTC is doing it – and I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    It won’t have the stuff from *Unearthed Arcana* in it of course, but so many folks in the OSR hate anything but the basic three books so I get it. Some call it the start of 1.5E but I’d argue that that was really with either *Oriental Adventures* or the Survival Guides because of the start of the use of Non-Weapon Proficiences whoch was far more radical than anything in Unearth Arcana.

    UA really has a three major claims to infamy – the totally unbalanced Undark races (which I don’t care about), the unbalanced character classes (Barbarians and Cavaliers, the former of which is almost unplayable), and Weapon Specialization (which I also don’t think is that unbalanced).


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