Now what..? – Session #15

So we ended the last session with the players having managed to kill an Adult Fire Drake, this begs the question of what do you do with a fifty-foot-long, several-ton-body  of a highly magical beast right on top of the area that you want keep exploring?

You send the teleporting Dwarf and the mage off to the big city to negotiate with the Mage’s Guild to sell the body.

There was the possibility of dealing with the Druids, but nobody even really spoke up for the that option, so the Mages and Alchemists Local #314 pretty much won by default. Also, incidentally, cementing one of the local power groups offering Vesna (the mage) a spot in their ranks, so she has now joined the Ebon Cabal (as has the dwarf Gryphon as well, not that the group knows).

The Guild sent out a representative to confirm the body, and come up with a number to offer the group. and then sent out a retrieval team to chop it up when they accepted. It wasn’t really that hard of a decision, first they didn’t really have much of a choice, and second, it is hard to turn down 60K in cold, hard, cash silver when someone offers it to you. It hurts, because you know how much it actually has to be worth if they are handing over 60K to you, but at the same time it is such easy money after then fact. For those who care, I simply came to the number with a simple formula of 1K per HP – which would be adjusted by the types and manner of damage it accumulated while being killed.

Plus, about half the party ended up needing to take some time to train and advance. This was that sweet moment for Vesna and Frater Nikolai both when they made it to 5th level – and Vesna for once actually made her roll and learned Lightning Bolt instead of having to run through a handful of spells before finally making her roll. A number of other characters also leveled up, and Brother Gregor has actually survived to 3rd level and full Paladin status. But the party now has a cleric with third level spells and a mage with third level spells – life is about to get interesting for everyone…

We also rotated characters a bit. CB had to bring in a replacement for Arvid (slain by the Owlbear) and so Sorer Isabella, a half-elven Cleric/Mage of the Society of Light made her appearance and my son had managed through role-play to get Tier back to the Mortal Realms from the Shadowlands (with some significant changes) so he rotated out Taloth for Tier. We decided that Taloth was travelling south to take the coins and sword of Arvid back to his family, and maybe we’ll end up with a small solo adventure or two along the way.

So, the party split up treasure (including a cool 6K in silver for each surviving member of the band) and bought equipment and gear with which to hopefully manage to finally explore the rest of the Caves of Chaos – and actually came up with a series of ideas to simply block off the smaller caverns and only explore the main one so that they could move on quickly to perhaps figuring out where the Fire Drake’s lair is and looting it.

The day ended with a short combat against a lone, runty Hill Troll that was more terrifying than actually dangerous. Next session will be about exploring the Caves of Chaos, but also with a short visit from someone who the players will recognize but the party has never met – and something that will in turn likely freak both party and players out and provide everyone with a certain amount of amusement as well as groans about general the unfairness of DMs…


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2 thoughts on “Now what..? – Session #15

    • That is a great map! I think I remember seeing that Zak had re-done the map as well. I’ll see if I can track down a link to that one as well.

      The truth is, they are about done with B2, I’ve already kind of figured out what the next likely module will be – based on that “blocked up passage” that’s not going to be very blocked up…

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