My ultra-cool, uber-geeky, gamer-gift from my son this year…

Ok, so I had mentioned awhiel back that I was waiting for a gift from  my son that hadn’t arrived yet. It came a short bit later and I simply forgot to post about it – mostly because it also demands pictures to accompany the post. First here’s a picture of the envelope that it came in:

It’s blurry because it also has the senders name, address, and telephone number on it. Now, for those of you who have used them before, you might be able to recognize the international potage label and the customs declaration.  It needed this because it was shipped in from… Mongolia.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to be specific.

Yes, my Yule present was late because it was literally shipped in from Mongolia.

Central Mongolia rather tha Outer Mongolia, and the capitol of Mongolia at that, but still. That gets some cool points.

So I open up the package and inside I find the following:

The gift bag is a nice touch, we figured that the seller literally walked over to the local tourist gift shop and bought the product and stuck it in the bag to send to us. Even more amusingly, the seller left the reciept in the bag (in case we wanted to return it?) and it is regular old register tape – using rubles. But in any case, I then get to the next layer of the onion:

This is a hand-stitched felt pouch. I have no idea is the flowers (?) or the color is significant, given what came inside, but it is actually pretty nice and has a nice hand to it. But truthfully, it was what was inside that really proved how cool my son (and how helpful my spouse) is:

Yup, those are actual knucklebones. I’ve had an old set of “d6 knucklebones” that he has looked at for years, and I’ve talked for that entire time about how cool it would be to actually have a set of real knuckle bones. So this is what he thought of when it came to gifts.

How is that for a cool son?

They are bigger than I imagined, and there was a small set of divination rules that came inside the felt bag. But they have a great weight in your hand and a nice smooth feel that is a bit odd for bone. I’ve actually handled a fair amount of bone in my life, and these have kind of distinctive texture unlike pretty much anything else I’ve handled.

I’ve warned the group to watch out for Magic Missiles in the future…

Now, the very cool spouse comes from the fact that she was willing to eventually order them from Mongolia when after research she found out that even all of the SCA folks were complaining that nobody was making these any more and it was a real pain to get ahold of some. Know her, if she’d had more time she would have just made some herself!

But these are my ultra-cool, uber-geeky, gamer-gift from my son this year and I love them!



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