Half-Elves, the Tudarin (1e)

“We are the children of joy and sorrow, sometimes born out of love, more often born of illicit desire and as mistakes.  We have the passion of our elven heritage matched to the determination of our human blood, and we have numbered some of the greatest heros, and villans, of the Heartlands, amongst us. But even at the best of times and with the best of us, elves look down upon us for what they see as human weakness and humans fear and distrust us because of our elven otherworldliness. That is, at least, when our exotic nature doesn’t inspire a prurient interest that both races can barely forgive themselves for. Is it surprising that we finally created kingdoms of our own in the wake of the Mad God’s War? We stand with the legacy of the Thrice-Blessed and the Thrice-Cursed ever at our shoulder, and there are those who would slay us out of hand as perversions of nature merely because we had the misfortune to be born and live our lives unbound and unafraid.” – High Princess Aliannatulian of Silverveil

The Half-Elves, also known as the Tudarin or the “People of Two Paths” in the Faerie tongue, are a race that is both blessed and cursed by their heritage. While none would deny their beauty or their skills, they are often viewed with suspicion and disdain by others simply for the fact that they exist. The taboo against cross-racial sexual relations is a strong one, and the children of such liaisons bear the brunt of it. Always a small and persecuted minority at the mercy of those in power, this has started to change since the Mad Gods War with the founding of the twin realms of Silverveil and Mistvale by half-elves that refused to continue to be outcasts, slaves, or servants. Increasingly there are “half-elves born of half-elves” and some sages predict a time when the term “half-elf” will not apply and some new term for the race that will have come about will be needed. Half-elves are mature

Appearance: Male Half-Elves stand 68″ tall (+1d6 or -1d6), and weigh 140 lbs (+1-20 or -1-20) while female Half-Elves stand 66″ tall (+1d6 or -1d6), and weigh 130 lbs (+1-20 or -1-20). Both sexes have with average builds that tend towards the slender, and fair complexions rarely marred by either scars or sun. Female Half-Elves are considerably more buxom and curvaceous than Elves, but are generally slimmer than Humans. Their eyes are commonly grey or blue, with hazel occurring sometimes, and the violet or emeralds of an elven relative appearing rarely. Similarly, their hair tends to come in the same shades as human hair, with the occasional appearance of the silver-blonds, snow-whites, and blood-reds of their elvish heritage appearing as well. One significant difference with Half-Elves is that they are able to grow beards as full as any human’s and those desiring to pass for human will usually do so.

Lifespan: Half-elves are young adults at age 24, considered mature adults at around age 40, and can live up to 325 years of age. They generally begin play at 21 + 3d4 years of age.

Common Alignments: Any, though Half-Elves lean slightly towards the various Neutral Alignments.

Common Classes: It is difficult to say what professions are common among Half-Elves, what is most common is that Half-Elves invariably multi-class rather than single-class and that these are dependant upon social class and upbringing. Common multi-classes are Warrior/Mage, Warrior/Rogue, Ranger/Druid, Warrior/Priest, Warrior/Mage/Rogue. Half-Elves often find a haven as Bards and other types Entertainers, as well as many forms of Rogues if they do not find acceptance elsewhere.

Common Professions: Outside of Silverveil or Mistvale, Half-Elves tend to be born to the adventurous, and in turn tend towards professions that reflect a yearning for something other than a quiet and staid existence by a hearth. Mercenaries, explorers, merchants and travellers of all sorts – these are the sorts of professions that often appeal to Half-Elves as they search for a place and people that will accept them. Their half-blood status also means that many find a welcome home as courtesans and Tantrics, their good looks and partial blood making them both exotic and attractive to those interested.

Common Religions: Half-Elves will tend to follow the religion of their parents. The Old Faith, the En Khoda Theos Kirk, and the Godlings of the Lords Tarot seem to be quite well represented, while the Society of Light is less well represented. Half-Elves raised among the Elves will tend to follow the precepts of Li’vicor.

Statistic Bonuses: +1 to Comeliness for all Half-Elves, Half-Elves raised in Faerie also gain +1 Power and +1 to Talent.

Languages: Local Human Language (Normal Intelligence Bonuses). Half-Elves raised in Faerie or one of the Tudarin kingdoms will speak a Human Language, Faerie, and Dark Tongue – again with the normal Intelligence bonuses.

Special Abilities: 30% Resistant to Sleep and Charm; When traveling with Elves, Half-Elves, or Gnomes or alone (or 90′ Distant) have a +2 to Surprise; Detect Secret Doors: 1/6 (Notice) or 2/6 (Search); Detect Concealed Doors: 2/6 (Notice) or 3/6 (Search); Half-Elves may use Cantrips as a Mage, but gain no level bonus unless they are a Mage or other spellcaster; 60′ Ultravision, Half-Elves raised in Faerie are Invisible in wilderness settings: 60%.

Special Vulnerabilities: Half-Elves do not normally suffer from any specific vulnerabilities, but do suffer from a fair amount of prejudice from Humans and Elves due to their mixed heritage. Half-Elves suffer from a -15% penalty to Reaction Rolls from most Humans and Grey Elves, and suffer from -30% penalty from Wood Elves and High Elves. For Half-Elves raised in Faerie these penalties are reversed Half-Elves also suffer from the standard penalty of -10% to Experience for each class. Finally, Half-Elves raised in Faerie must save vs. Poison or take double damage from Cold Iron weapons and creatures with a Cold Iron talisman as simple as a ring or a bracelet gain +2 to thier saves against any magic that a Half-Elf from Faerie casts upon them.

Character Class Limits: Entertainer – 11th, Mage – 7th, Priest – 5th, Psychic – 7th, Rogue – 11th, Warrior – 6th, Warrior-Monk – 3rd. As always, this is for Prime Attributes of 15 or less, 16 is +1 level, 17 is +2 levels, 18 is +3 levels, and 19 is +4 levels before the XP penalty is doubled from -10% to -20%.

Psionics: None inherent for the majority of Half-Elves- they may roll for Major Psionics as normal. Rarely, there are Half-Elf/Half-High Man individuals who exhibit the full range of psychic abilities of a High Man. Half-Elves raised in Faerie are Minor Psychics and begin with the Minor Devotions of Rapport and Lights.

Additional Proficiencies or Skills: None.

Rogue Bonuses: Slight of Hand: +10%, Open Locks: No Bonus, Find/Remove Traps: No Bonus, Stealth: +5%, Climb Walls: No Bonus, Acrobatics: +5%, Tumbling: No Bonus

Perception / Hear Noise: Base 10%

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