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Geasa and Dust Bunnies

Here’s another Intersession, the one for Smjor the Barbarian. Yeah, I know, the Barbarian class from Unearthed Arcana that everyone hates. I have a bit of strange relationship with the Barbarian, complicated interestingly by the fact that I do not, as a general rule, care how powerful a character is. So my issues aren’t exactly with how powerful they are, but with how unplayable they are. So understanding that I have tweaked the class around pretty severely, drawn a bit from the Oriental Adventures version of the class (which is better balanced in general) one of things that I have added is that barbarians all have geasa – and gain one with each level of advancement.

As SS (Smjor’s player) likes to put it, “Barbarians, the only class that can do less with each level they go up!”

But, Barbarians basically have to find a decent level shaman or druid (or oracle I suppose) in order to get themselves their geis, and Smjor also has this mysterious bunny that climbed into his pack and seems to bring him good luck that he’s not sure what to do with or about – normally he’d eat it, but he’s superstitious enough to recognize that bunnies don’t just crawl into people’s packs….


Caedmon is a druid, and while he showed up to give a blessing to the rangers (and check out the “hot half-elf ranger/druidess” before they went out for their induction into their lodge he’s perfectly happy to provide you with a geis. He’s actually a bit surprised to find a Northman around here, but he’s perfectly happy to pull out the sticks and a bull’s skin to see what is up for you. After some fiddling around he comes up with “Never enter a cairn in the Heartlands on Imbolc.” So, no grave-robbing for the holidays!

On a short note, I use the geis tables from the Pagan Shore Ireland supplement for Pendragon – only slightly adapted becauise I’m running a game in Ireland.


=>From Smjor’s Player

1) Since I’m not up there, it was hard to find a time to sneak this info in, so I’ll just let you know a) in case it matters, b) just for color text. As I said in my letter to the group, Smjor is really considering that animal to be a gift from the gods – after all, rabbits just do NOT curl up in backpacks randomly. The better combat skills could just be psychological, the prescient nature of its paranoia could just be, well, being a rabbit. (and yes, I think Sjmor may have thought of these things)… but just the fact that it showed up how it did is evidence enough for the big guy.

2) Smjor will thus treat this rabbit accordingly. He needs to find a way to carry that little guy around with him that minimizes risk of injury, but also maximizes its comfort. Yes, this may be expensive. And yes, He’s willing to ask ppl about it (engineers/mages/etc at the keep). Smjor will NOT let those not-in-the-group know of the circumstances, He’ll just tell them that he want to keep the rabbit safe… He’ll let them think it’s some bizarre northman superstition if he needs to.

3) But what this really leads to is Caedmon. Smjor will show the druid the rabbit in a way that (hopefully) shows respect for both the man and the beast. Animal kinship is certainly a thing of “the Old Gods” – but not so much a thing of Smjor’s people (or, certainly, his father and family).


Now, when it comes to Caedmon and the bunny…

“Hmmmm…” Caedmon eyes the bunny, the Bunny eyes Caedmon.

It wriggles it’s nose.

“That’s quite a rare beastie you have there. You say it just crawled into your pack?”

*Yes, yes it did.*

“Well isn’t that interesting.” Druid and Bunny eye each other some more, Caedmon leans in quite close to look at it. The Bunny sits there and then sneezes, Caedmon jerks back. “You are quite the lucky fellow aren’t you.”

*I- Err, Yes, I …am?*

“You have a Dust Bunny. Quite a rare-” He eyes you “-and magical beast. And it appears to have chosen you.”

*Err… Ulp.* (Barbarians don’t really like magic you know)

“That is, quite frankly, a sign of excellent luck and the favor of the Old Powers. The Dust Bunny is quite devoted to its companion, never leaving their side, bringing them luck in all things. There is no way of knowing, but some of them can be quite vicious when defending a fallen companion, so be aware of that. See those great gnashy teeth there?” Caedmon points out the large incisors of the Dust Bunny.


“They’ll bloody well rip your throat out if they get the chance. Dust Bunnies can also be quite dangerous if attacked or provoked, so warn your companions not to tease it.” Caedmon eyes you ominously, “Dust Bunnies do not tolerate teasing.”

Yes, Caedmon has a cousin named Tim – he’s a mage…

This all came about because SS (and about half the gaming group) all play Godville a “Zero-Player Game, and his Hero had just lost their “pet” a “Dust Bunny” – and I thought it was funny to have a rabbit crawl into his character pack in my game to replace the lost pet in the other game. Now, as I played with it I actually liked it as a “magic item” for a character class that doesn’t normally like magic – the Dust Bunny acts like a Luckstone as long as it is within some reasonable range of Smjor (rather like a familiar).

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll post the Intersession for the Rogues.



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