The Old Faith and Ranger Lodges

This was, as with the previous post, the intersessionary email for the Old Faith folks.

So, shortly after you all get back to Seraph Keep, after treasure is divided up, a trio of members of the Old Faith show up. Jezebel is happy to see Ru (short for “Kharukash”) show up, her sponser into both the Ban Draoi and the Rangers. Ru is a half-elven Ranger/Druid/Mage that she knows from her past training, and who generally serves as liaison between the Rangers and the Ban Draoi (the distaff side of the Druidic Orders) – as well as being a member of the Circle, a kind of larger, over-arching organization of rangers, druids, mages, and bards (as well as other classes, but these are the most represented).

Ru takes Jezebel back to Áine, a Druidess whose grove is deep in the mountains, and where she undergoes her initiation into the 1st Circle of the Ban Draoi Order. Imagine lots of dancing naked around fires, sleeping in caves, and meditation under the night sky wrapped in animal skins. Jezebel also spends time under the eye of Ru herself as she gets inducted into Dragonblood Lodge – this involves lots of sweatlodges, running naked in the woods hunting things with your bare hands and teeth, and being painted in woad and blood – possibly some tattoos as well. Now, this isn’t free, each of these costs you in the neighborhood of 1000sp. If you don’t have the money, or don’t have things you can offer up in place of money – so after treasure picks (and yes, you do know that this sort of thing is going to take cash, this isn’t a surprise) we’ll see where you are at. But don’t worry, you’ll get your initiations and inductions no matter what. Ru isn’t going to let a prospect of your potential slip through the cracks.

The other two who show up are the ranger Laighhean and the Caedmon the Druid. Laighhean is a pretty well-respected ranger (he’s like 8th level) and he takes Arvid and Taloth off into the mountains after they get a blessing from Caedmon where they meet up with a handful of other rangers and they get inducted into the Blackmoon Lodge. Similarly to Jezebel, this involves lots of sweatlodges, lots of hunting things with nothing more than your hands and teeth, being painted in woad and blood, possible tattoos, and meditating under the night sky wrapped in animal skins. This is going to cost each of you roughly 1000sp, let me know if you don’t think you’ll have enough cash or trade after the treasure picks. It will get figured out.

This shows the players a bit more about what they can expect from both being members of the Old Faith, but also introduces them to a couple of “movers and shakers” when I say Druid (and Druidess) I’m talking the 12th level ones – the folks that are important. Plus Ru is pretty darn spiffy as well, the Circle is one of those groups that was spawned a million years ago in my game, by a mention of a group of rangers and druids of the same name by Ed Greenwood long before he was ever talking about the Harpers. I think it was in one of his Pages from the Mages articles.

The other part is that as we discussed this all in person, it also “came out” that there had been at least a couple of days spent all together doing said ranger-y things off in some hidden valley where the rangers and the druids hang out. Not sure where exactly that will go, but it’s good to know that I have that in the wings as well if I need it. Plus, Taloth’s new broadsword let’s him Teleport once per day – and he spent some time making a point of memorizing the teleport terrace in the hidden valley. So, if all else fails, he has a spot to bamf out to for safety.


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