Great news all around…

So, today I got my brand new copy of Arena of Khazan in the mail. According to my dear spouse I sold off my old copy about ten years ago – so I was very happy to find that Paizo Publishing had a copy. The last one evidently, because they now have it listed as unavailable…

But this puts me in a good spot with Tier and my son’s solo game.

It also put’s me in a good spot for an alternative to potential slaughter of the “main game”. I spent some time this weekend figuring out what was “missing” from the Order of Battle” of the Caves of Chaos based on the number and type of creatures there. Then I spent some time tallying up what was actually left in the caves (which is a not-so-surprisingly large amount), and now I’ve been thinking about what the heck I would do if I were them (given what “they know” and their INT). I have no clue what the heck is going to happen, the party really has some amazing luck and is pretty damn effective in the greater scheme of things.

But now they are on the Bad Guys home ground – and the Bad Guys knew that they were coming…

They’ve really managed to steamroll through the opposition to this point – and certainly to surprise and chagrin of leadership of the Bad Guys. That means that they’ve gotten to this point much stronger than anticipated and with less time for the Bad Guys to prepare. Unfortunately this also means that the Bad Guys are a likely a bit desperate and starting to realize that they need to either flee or they have to wipe this group out for fear of being discovered – the presence of the cult, the organized nature of the goblins and bandits, the presence of the Ash Goblins (plus a Barghest leader) – all of this stuff will have the “Good Guys” out in force if word gets out.

Which is why, of course, the Good Guys sent a number of Rangers out this way (from the Old Faith) plus a Cleric, Warrior-Monk, and Paladin (from the Society of Light). I’m quite certain that the divinations and whatnot of the higher level Good Guys strongly suggested that something hinky was going on – just not as hinky as what was actually going on!

So, worse comes to worst, the Bad Guys may just offer to spare the characters lives and “just” sell them into slavery – far, far away. That is certainly a better deal than either having to leave or perhaps crippling their activities – and it avoids a TPK. That said, the party could get lucky enough to not just avoid the TPK, but to also cripple the Bad Guys. It wouldn’t be unheard of, or impossible – but that would really be quite epic in effect for the group…

I’m nervous about the coming battle(s), the group has manged to get a couple of characters up to decent levels, but at the same time there is still plenty of crunch in the party (Jezabel, Taloth, Arvid, Ketzl, let alone Gregor or Greyleaf) and while I am totally willing to kill PC’s I tend to feel kind of bad when characters get in over their head.

I need to keep reminding myself that this group has been doing quite well and that a few deaths isn’t going to have people leaving in a huff…


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2 thoughts on “Great news all around…

  1. DysgraphicProgrammer

    If I were going to leave in a huff over a dead character I would have been gone a LONG time ago….

    • You and a number of other people I expect…

      I will admit to a certain amount of pleasure when people get get killed due to their own stupidity (and enjoyment when they prevail in spite of it), I really hate it when it seems more like just bad luck.

      I have to admit, I like Gregor – he’s a just kind of a cool character “right out of the box” as it were. I really look forward to seeing where he ends up!


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