Two other campaigns at the moment…

My son is sick today, and he’s been asking why I’m not posting about his other character Tier – who disappeared along with Kyril and Roland after he touched the Obelisk with the Candlestaff. So while I’m not going to say much about that character at the moment, I am going to mention that I have essentially two other campaigns running in my game right now – both of them solo-games.

The first is the “Hali” game – this is the game with Tier. He ended up in the Shadowlands, a… well… I guess I need to do a post on the cosmology of my game universe. Let’s just say it is kind of the opposite of the Faerie (yeah, very 4E – and no, I didn’t steal it from there…). That has, at the moment, a single character:

Tier, NG Grey Elf, Fighter/Mage, 3/3, Minor Psychic.

Tier has been enslaved and is currently owned by the Lord of Hali, one of the many Sh’dai nobles that owe fealty to the Witch-King and sit on the Ebon Council. He’s owned by said Lord because he did really amazingly well in his gladiatorial trials and is potentially a good investment. This campaign may very add a few people as we run into days where not everyone can show up – it’s kind of easy to drop in and out of…

The other campaign is another solo campaign, this one with my spouse – and it essentially picks up where I left off with my house rules (just switched over to AD&D). This one is down south in the Heartlands, where the Blight just occurred in the middle of the Petty Kingdoms. Converting over those characters wasn’t that hard really, but also includes folks who are movers and shakers (or potential movers and shakers) in the game world. My spouse is playing one of her favorite characters (Karin has gone though a handful of incarnations) and a couple of older PC’s that she has never had a chance to play – plus a couple of henchmen she’s picked up over time.

Karin – TN Sh’dai, Duelist/Witch/Tantric-Assassin, 4/4/4, Psychic.
(H)Lise – TN Human, Tantric, 3
(H)Byrne – LE Sh’dai, Cavalier-Champion, 3, Minor Psychic
Bjarte – NG Human, Archer-Ranger, 1
Khemais – LG Human, Healer (Duelist), 1 (1)

Ash – LE N’Dai, Duelist/Diabolist/Bloodmoon Adept, 5/5/5, Psychic
Lynn – LE N’Dai, Cavalier/Diabolist/Templar, 5/5/5, Psychic
Kyril – TN Human, Mage (Witch), 4 (1), Psychic

Yes, this is where Kyril ended up just to make things interesting. I’m sure he’ll make his way back up to the Barrow-Downs campaign at some point, but at the moment he’ll provide some much-needed magical support as an actual mage for the group and give him some seasoning I suppose (if he doesn’t die). This group has been hired by the Guild of Art in Albion to try and get to Vaile, one of the bigger cities that is deeper inside the Blight to see if they can figure out what happened or if there are any survivors there that aren’t utterly crazed. This game also lets me get a nit more used to running higher level encounters again before the Barrow-Downs party gets to those levels.



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