The Party’s Magical Items so far…

Just thought I could share the way I’ve described the items for the party to this point – apart from the handful of potions and D’lanni stones. These were all pulled out of the Ogre/Ghoul lair in sessions five and six.

Arvid’s Longsword – It is a finely made though clearly old and well-maintained blade made in the style of the old Kal Astarian smiths. The hilt is bound in newer dark leather that matches the scabbard, though this is clearly not the original materials. There is a maker’s mark underneath the scales on the tang, the rune “G” with a crescent moon and three stars. When examining the blade in the moon- and starlight another series of runes are revealed along the blade spelling out “An Aghaidh” (“Opposed”). It has been revealed to be a +2 weapon.

Frater Nikolai’s Argentos – Made of fine, brightly polished sunmetal and gold, it is marked with the Enochian sigil for the Sarim, and a finely inscribed note on a verse from the Enchiridion relating the Doctrine of the Law – namely, following the Testaments, obeying the Rule, embodying the Virtures, and recognizing the Mandate of Heaven. They’ve figured out it is a Phylactery of Faithfulness.

Mika’s Fighting Knife – A simple and plain fighting knife, it’s pommel is formed as a rose bloom and the hilt has details of thorny rose vines. The blade has deep blood grooves that are sharpened themselves. The blade smells slightly of old blood or rust. The blade itself is otherwise undistinguished. It has been revealed to be a +1 Wounding weapon, that also Detects Secret Doors and Traps (in a 10′ radius).

Vesna’s Wand – Made of a bleached larch wood, the wand is simply made with cold-forged fittings fastened with ice-drake sinew and topped with what appears to be a piece of permanently frozen hail or ice. The entire wand is cool or even cold to the touch. It smells of a cold winter’s day. After long examination, an inscription can be made out from the somewhat abstract designs carved into the shaft of the wand “Ulthwe”. They have figured out that it is a Wand of Frost.

Sometimes I do a great job of describing magical items, at other times I’ve fallen prey to the “You get a +2 broadsword” – I’m trying pretty hard not to fall into the trap of telling instead of describing – and after watching the enjoyment that the players have had with the magical items that they aren’t quite sure what it is that they do and then slowing figure them out.



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