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Dwarven Weapons and Equipment (1e)

So, as I talked about for the Elves I also have a collection of equipment and gear that the Dwarves produce.

The Dwarves as a race are a collection of craftsmen and artisans that take a great deal of pride in their accomplishments. Their product is invariably of sturdy construction (gaining a blanket +2 to all saves) and costs roughly five times (5x) the normal cost for an item (even if not granting any other special bonus) – though one notable by-product of the innate dwarven enchantments and forging process is that Dwarven goods don’t rust either.. Dwarven goods, mostly weapons, armour, and other pieces of metal working, are in great demand across the Mortal Realms and can be found in most Great Cities. Dwarven smiths are also one of the few places that Masterwork and even simply enchanted weapons (+1 and +2) and armour can be purchased – though often at astronomical prices.

Dwarven Battleaxe: With the Dwarven Waraxe, the Dwarven Battleaxe is perhaps the quintessential Dwarven weapons. Crafted from fine steels and sturdy wood hafts, the Dwarven Battle is also balanced for throwing (ROF: 1, Ranges: 1″/2″/3″) like those of the Northmen and has a haft usually around two-and-half to three feet long and most commonly single-bitted. Like all axes, it gets a +1 to Hit, but also has the ability to Disarm opponants on a roll to hit AC8. Damage: 2-9/2-9, 75sp

Dwarven Waraxe: A heavy two-handed axe, the Dwarven Waraxe is preminantly a weapon-of-war for the Dwarves. Most commonly double-bitted, some single-bitted “cording style” Waraxes are also found and both types are capable of Cleaving attacks. Like all axes it gets a +1 to Strike, and like all of the Two-Handed weapons it gets an additional +1 to Hit (for a total of +2) and strikes in Post-Rounds. A company of Dwarves armed with four-to-five foot long Waraxes can decimate opposing foes quickly and efficiently. Damage: 3-18/3-18, 150sp

Dwarven Hammer: Perhaps slightly more common than battleaxes for the Dwarves due to their additional utility when it comes to mining. Dwarven Hammers are beautiful and sturdy weapons about two-and-half to three feet in overall length, and are balanced for throwing when they are purpose-built as weapons (ROF1, Ranges: 1″/2″/3″). They most commonly have a single head and like all hammers get a +1 to Hit. Damage: 3-6/2-5, 15sp

Dwarven Warhammer: In the same vein as the Dwarven Waraxe, this is the matching two-handed blunt weapon with a haft length of four-to-five in length. Like all hammers it gets a +1 to Strike, and like all of the Two-Handed weapons it gets an additional +1 to Hit (for a total of +2), Cleaving, and strikes in Post-Rounds. Some examples exist that are single-headed maul styles. Damage: 3-12/4-10, 50sp

Dwarven Knight’s Mace: The idea of a “Dwarven Knights” is a bit odd to human ears, and in truth this mace is styled as such due to its popularity among human knights – though it is equally as popular among many Dwarves as well. Usually around two-and-half feet in length, the Dwarves like them for their ease of use in close quarters and have determined the most advantageous designs for both damage and ease of use. Damage: 2-8/2-7, 75sp

Dwarven Shortsword: A quite common, though not quite so romantic, weapon of the Dwarves. The Dwarven Shortsword is a broad-bladed weapon just over two feet in length that is quite effective. Damage: 1-8/1-8, 125sp

Dwarven Battlesword: Somewhat rare, but often used ceremonially by the Dwarves, the Dwarven Battlesword is a broad-bladed weapon between four-and-half and five feet in length that can only be used with two-hands. Like all Two-Handed weapons it gets a +1 to Hit and has Cleaving – it also strikes in Post-Rounds as is normal for Two-Handed weapons. Despite it’s often ceremonial role, it is a deadly weapon when wielded in combat by a skilled warrior. Damage: 3-12/2-20, 300sp

Dwimmervolk Smallsword: The Dwimmervolk eschew many of the traditional weapons of the Dwarves due to thier above-ground, urban dwelling habits. The Dwimmervolk Smallsword (sometimes called the “Citysword”) is a thin-bladed fencing weapon of great strength and flexibility matched with a light action and ease of use for the skilled duelist. It gets a +1 when used to Parry. Damage: 2-7/2-8, 250sp

Dwarven Doublemail Hauberk: The Dwarves are known not just for their weapons, but their armour as well. The 1-in-8 design of forge-welded links is amazing enough, but the metals used lighted the load more than could be imagined. Bulky, 25 lbs, 9″ Movement, AC4, 600sp

Drakehide Hauberk: A popular style of exotic armour, the Dwarves also made armour out of the hide and scales of Drakes which grants a bonus to saves (+2) against the elemental effects that the Drakes are associated with and reduces the damage taken from such effects (-2 per Die of damage). The common varieties are Fire/Heat (Fire Drakes), Electricity and Lighting (Storm Drakes), Cold and Ice (Frost Drakes), and Acid (Swamp Drakes). Fairly Bulky, 30 lbs, 9″ Movement, AC5, 3000sp.

Dwarven Plate Armour: This complicated set of full plate armour is lighter and stronger than would be expected due to a combination of both alloy and technique. Like other Full Plate, Dwarven Plate absorbs 2HP of damage from each die of damage that hits – though it absorbs 48 HP of damage before worsening to AC2. Non-Dwarven smiths requite double the time and cost to repair the armour. Fairly Bulky, 25 lbs, 9″ Movement, AC1, 20,000sp

Dwarven Waybread: A rich, earthy loaf of dense bread, Dwarven Waybread is an excellent source of nourishment in a very compact form. One loaf of bread will sustain a person for an entire day of very hard labour. 3sp per loaf.

It is also worth noting that Dwarves are often the most common users of Firearms along with Crossbows, the Dwimmervolk are common sources of Dartcasters, and the Dwarves of the Shadowlands (the Dwarrow) have their own weapons and specialties. They are also quite noted for the beers, meads, stouts, and strong spirits.

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The Party’s Magical Items so far…

Just thought I could share the way I’ve described the items for the party to this point – apart from the handful of potions and D’lanni stones. These were all pulled out of the Ogre/Ghoul lair in sessions five and six.

Arvid’s Longsword – It is a finely made though clearly old and well-maintained blade made in the style of the old Kal Astarian smiths. The hilt is bound in newer dark leather that matches the scabbard, though this is clearly not the original materials. There is a maker’s mark underneath the scales on the tang, the rune “G” with a crescent moon and three stars. When examining the blade in the moon- and starlight another series of runes are revealed along the blade spelling out “An Aghaidh” (“Opposed”). It has been revealed to be a +2 weapon.

Frater Nikolai’s Argentos – Made of fine, brightly polished sunmetal and gold, it is marked with the Enochian sigil for the Sarim, and a finely inscribed note on a verse from the Enchiridion relating the Doctrine of the Law – namely, following the Testaments, obeying the Rule, embodying the Virtures, and recognizing the Mandate of Heaven. They’ve figured out it is a Phylactery of Faithfulness.

Mika’s Fighting Knife – A simple and plain fighting knife, it’s pommel is formed as a rose bloom and the hilt has details of thorny rose vines. The blade has deep blood grooves that are sharpened themselves. The blade smells slightly of old blood or rust. The blade itself is otherwise undistinguished. It has been revealed to be a +1 Wounding weapon, that also Detects Secret Doors and Traps (in a 10′ radius).

Vesna’s Wand – Made of a bleached larch wood, the wand is simply made with cold-forged fittings fastened with ice-drake sinew and topped with what appears to be a piece of permanently frozen hail or ice. The entire wand is cool or even cold to the touch. It smells of a cold winter’s day. After long examination, an inscription can be made out from the somewhat abstract designs carved into the shaft of the wand “Ulthwe”. They have figured out that it is a Wand of Frost.

Sometimes I do a great job of describing magical items, at other times I’ve fallen prey to the “You get a +2 broadsword” – I’m trying pretty hard not to fall into the trap of telling instead of describing – and after watching the enjoyment that the players have had with the magical items that they aren’t quite sure what it is that they do and then slowing figure them out.



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