Old Home Week

Yeah, not exactly, but I certainly felt old…

I went out to my old DM’s (SD) 50th Birthday party this past Saturday with the dear spouse, the son, and KT. It was great seeing SD again, and his wife, plus his kids – some of whom I remember being born and a couple who I remember when they were knee-high to a grasshopper. SD himself and I have a fair amount in common, my BA is from the same institution that his MA is from – and we both attended the same professional schools for our PsyDs.

I also saw FK (and his lovely wife) who I never gamed with but who’s comic book shop I both worked in for a number of years through high school and in whose shop I met SD. He came down with Parkinson’s a few years ago but it seems like the meds are working pretty well for him right now and he’s stabilized. Out of the old gaming group I also say BB and TIM, yes I’m using his actual name TIM, because I have now forgotten his name the last two times I’ve seen him (I forgot it at the SD’s second oldest son’s wedding as well) – damn embarrassing, but like I said, I felt old…

I did find out that BB has been lurking here on the blog – not commenting so as to remain ninja-like in his observations. I spent many hours in the car with BB because when I first started gaming with SD and crew not only was I not able to drive (I was 15), but for even a couple of years after I was able to my parents were much more comfortable if I merely drove home from BB’s house instead of driving back and forth from Dekalb (we lived in St. Charles). SD’s gaming group were all in that same, rough age range, about eight or so years older than me – except for BB who is ancient. His wife and my mother actually worked together we discovered early on – which undoubtedly helped with the me going out to DeKalb on Thursday nights and staying till between 2200 or midnight.

Primarily we played AD&D 1E – BB had Ulmus the Dwarven Champion of Posiden (he’d picked up Wave from White Plume Mountain and converted) as well as Johnson, the Halfling Healer (the old BOD alternate character class). TIM’s most memorable character was Roderick the Archer-Ranger, who had a Heartbow ala the memorable “Escape from the Empire” TV-Pilot that never made it to show status. And BB just shook his head with I described MS’s dice like those of MA’s character Thallion (a Champion of Nuada), just without the good luck – Thallion could never roll well, except when it seemed impossible that he would.

We also played other games – Palladium RPG was a favorite, along with a horror-ish homebrew of SD’s design. I’m trying to think, I know we played other stuff, but I can’t really remember much else – those are the games that stick in my mind. I think there was some Runequest, some Stormbringer, and some Tunnels and Trolls IIRC. These days they are playing 3.5 and one of SD’s kids is running Rifts.

It was nice to see everyone again, and give my son a chance to talk with some fo the guys that I was gaming with at an age only slightly older than his own. He knows TW, who is my only other long-time friend that I still see, let alone hang out with, but this was nice.


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