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The Caves of Chaos (Section B) – Session #11

So, the last session saw some interesting progress. Everyone was able to show up except for KB (who was doing computer tear-down for a local con) and TW (who had his kids this weekend), so the group decided to leave Ketzl and Greyleaf back at the camp to burn bodies and otherwise try to make sure that they weren’t going to rise from the dead like the bandits that they had killed.

At this point I did channel TW (perfectly according to my spouse) who proceeded to “lay on hands” to all of the wounded females in the party using his psionic Cell Adjustment.

“Please, I don’t mean to be forward, but if I might, well, lay my hands upon you, I would be able to help with those grevious… wounds of yours. Please, lay down, this can be quite overwhelming and I don’t want you to feel faint and fall. Now, we must breath as one, we must be as one – well not quite like that, at least not here in front everyone, I do understand the desire to show gratitude but this isn’t really the time or place – Errr… where was I? Yes, we have to synchronize out heartbeats as well as our breathing. Pardon me, but I need to listen to heartbeat, I’ll just lay my head there on your chest. I’m sorry, could you just unlace your tunic a bit, I can’t really hear….”

You have to understand, TW once spent fifteen minutes describing how his Traveller noble put on his gloves with such comic detail he had the entire group practically crying we were laughing so hard. I channeled him to great effect, though I suspect not nearly as well as he could have done himself if had been inspired.

After that, the group moved out and quickly ran into MS’s new character – he rolled well enough to generate not only another Paladin, but when he came up with social class he rolled Middle Lower Class – meaning that he could take Thief as a dual-class. So he did, the character, Gregor, still needs a bit of fleshing out, but is quite interesting so far and has been put on mage-guarding duty. I’m not sure how Vesna feels about this, but he’s quite happy to help out Frater Nikolai however seems to make sense.

The group moved in close to the Caves of Chaos, and then decided to send the stealthy types on ahead. So Mika, Brother Illya, Gryphon, and Astrin (with Vesna’s raven familiar, Bran) were sent off to see what they discover about the caves and then report back. The raven had already reported some bodies on stakes at the valley entrance so the group wasn’t exactly sure what they would discover.

To their horror it was the bodies of the bandits they had set loose – with the one who had spoken to them still alive, impaled on a pike – but with his hands, feet, eyelids, tongue, nose, and ears cut off and healed (and gelded too for what it was worth) so that he was suffering but living there on the end of stick. One crossbow bolt from Gryphon later and the poor bandit was out of his misery – though Brother Illya suffered a little twinge of LG unease at not asking him if he wanted to be put out of his misery first…

The rest of the party moved up, and as they surveyed the valley they could see the various cave mouths open, with trails running up to them. Taking the horses away for safety they decided to enter the uppermost cave on the right side of the valley first (Section B for those of you who are following along at home). Sending Gryphon in first (Mr. Psionic Invisibility) while the rest of the party waiting to hear a ruckus, they soon went charging in as the alarm was raised by guards noticing the body of the watcher that Gryphon had slain – he was pretty much taking care of the first guard-room all himself as the party rushed in.

Quickly, the party began cutting through the bandits, who stopped them somewhat at the entrance to “Feast Hall” but the party really was overwhelming for a bunch of bandits. The leader, with a dagger to the throat of a woman, walked out and demanded that the party stop and negotiate and as Brother Illya spoke to him Astrin pulled out her Darter and Assassinated him from around the corner. As Jezabel moved to comfort the screaming, blood-covered woman she was shocked to have the woman backstab her with a poison dagger (luckily the save was made). To her dismay, Astrin put a Darter round in the lady as well – Jezebel was quite put out by this, wanting to kill the woman herself.

Searching out the Feast Hall and the Barracks revealed no more bandits, so the party moved up the sloping corridor to the north and checked out the store-room and then bandit leaders room – unfortunately discovering that the door was trapped. Mika the Thief was hit by three poisoned darts – and again made all of her saves as well. Arvid the Ranger strode confidently into the room to find out that the tapestry was Glyphed, and made his save luckily only taking 5 points of damage – while Mika discovered that his dagger, in addition to being a Wounding weapon , evidently also Detects Secret Doors and Traps, so the Secret Door was discovered!

And that is where we left it. A couple of party members are a bit wounded, but not very badly, they’ve pretty much cleaned out this area and have a Secret Door to investigate as well as the rest of the cave entrances. A little bit of magic and a fair amount of cash has been discovered, but the party has also decided after the backstabbing “hostage” (or at least Smjorr has decided) that everything in this place is hostile and deserves to be slain. I’ve already had to start to compensate for the previous action as I figure out what the responses of the inhabitants of the Caves are – and the party is likely in for quite a surprise at some point here soon.

Probably next game session as the evil cult’s response swings into motion…



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Old Home Week

Yeah, not exactly, but I certainly felt old…

I went out to my old DM’s (SD) 50th Birthday party this past Saturday with the dear spouse, the son, and KT. It was great seeing SD again, and his wife, plus his kids – some of whom I remember being born and a couple who I remember when they were knee-high to a grasshopper. SD himself and I have a fair amount in common, my BA is from the same institution that his MA is from – and we both attended the same professional schools for our PsyDs.

I also saw FK (and his lovely wife) who I never gamed with but who’s comic book shop I both worked in for a number of years through high school and in whose shop I met SD. He came down with Parkinson’s a few years ago but it seems like the meds are working pretty well for him right now and he’s stabilized. Out of the old gaming group I also say BB and TIM, yes I’m using his actual name TIM, because I have now forgotten his name the last two times I’ve seen him (I forgot it at the SD’s second oldest son’s wedding as well) – damn embarrassing, but like I said, I felt old…

I did find out that BB has been lurking here on the blog – not commenting so as to remain ninja-like in his observations. I spent many hours in the car with BB because when I first started gaming with SD and crew not only was I not able to drive (I was 15), but for even a couple of years after I was able to my parents were much more comfortable if I merely drove home from BB’s house instead of driving back and forth from Dekalb (we lived in St. Charles). SD’s gaming group were all in that same, rough age range, about eight or so years older than me – except for BB who is ancient. His wife and my mother actually worked together we discovered early on – which undoubtedly helped with the me going out to DeKalb on Thursday nights and staying till between 2200 or midnight.

Primarily we played AD&D 1E – BB had Ulmus the Dwarven Champion of Posiden (he’d picked up Wave from White Plume Mountain and converted) as well as Johnson, the Halfling Healer (the old BOD alternate character class). TIM’s most memorable character was Roderick the Archer-Ranger, who had a Heartbow ala the memorable “Escape from the Empire” TV-Pilot that never made it to show status. And BB just shook his head with I described MS’s dice like those of MA’s character Thallion (a Champion of Nuada), just without the good luck – Thallion could never roll well, except when it seemed impossible that he would.

We also played other games – Palladium RPG was a favorite, along with a horror-ish homebrew of SD’s design. I’m trying to think, I know we played other stuff, but I can’t really remember much else – those are the games that stick in my mind. I think there was some Runequest, some Stormbringer, and some Tunnels and Trolls IIRC. These days they are playing 3.5 and one of SD’s kids is running Rifts.

It was nice to see everyone again, and give my son a chance to talk with some fo the guys that I was gaming with at an age only slightly older than his own. He knows TW, who is my only other long-time friend that I still see, let alone hang out with, but this was nice.


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