Things Role Playing Bloggers Tend Not To Write About

Ganked from Monsters and Manuals and a handful of other places.

Book binding. I’ve had pretty good luck, while my original DMG and UA have duct-tape on the binding, those are the only two books that I’ve had that have ever even really come close to falling apart. I did have a copy of Wraith: The Oblivion that I had my father fix the binding on one year, but I bought it used like that knowing he could.

“Doing a voice”. How many people “do voices”? Should they? How do you get better at “doing a voice” if that’s your thing? I do voices, but mostly I do mannerisms combined with voices, plus specific styles of talking and word choice. I think that’s how I got better, but I’m not sure that would be the same for everyone.

Breaks. How often do you have breaks within sessions? I don’t. If someone needs to get up use the toilet or get a snack, they do so.

Description. Exactly how florid are your descriptions? Eh, I’m a minimalist unless I’m in a bit of mood. The players will imagine things better than I can describe them, so I tend to give the important details, set a bit of tone or mood at the beginning of an encounter and run from there.

Where do you strike the balance between “doing what your character would do” and “acting like a dickhead”? I don’t. Or rather, I am very up-front with players that they can play any sort of character that they want, but that the world will react accordingly. People with high Charisma’s can be more of a dick and get away with it, good looking people can be more of a dick and get away with it. But sooner or later if you are enough of a dick something is likely to happen (duels, fights, overcharging, etc). It’s essentially the same thing with playing evil characters.

PC-on-PC violence. Do your players tend to avoid it, or do you ban it? Or does anything go? I am totally ok with it happening, it has happened, and it will likely happen again. This is one of those things that prevents players acting like dicks… It goes without saying that it also qualifies one as a dick unless everyone else kind of agrees that it was justified based on context.

How do you explain what a role playing game is to a stranger who is also a non-player? Ugh, I don’t think I’ve done that in years.

Alchohol at the table? I’ve had it at the table in the past, not really at the moment. As long as people are coherent and don’t get pissy if they do something stupid while tipsy I really don’t care.

What’s acceptable to do to a PC whose player is absent from the session? Is whatever happens their fault for not being there, or are there some limits? In general my standing rule (as the DM) is that your character will not die if you are not there (it’s happened probably less than five times in 32 years of gaming). Somebody will play your character, it will likely be rather robot-like and risk-averse and the group tends to kinda decides by consensus what you character would do (with me as the biggest vote) if something comes up that requires that kind of decision.



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