Elven Weaponry and Equipment (1e)

So, one of the ways that I enjoy making various races seem and feel quite different from each other is to make their equipment different and special – mundane, Masterwork, quasi-magical, as well as the “common” magical items that race creates. So, ignoring the “common magical items” for the moment, here is a listing of a few for the elves.

Now, in the case of the Elves, even their “mundane” items are significantly better than human construction – the result of time out of mind spent on minute refinements of design and technique. Each item made by elves are themselves works of art that a human artisan would weep to produce even one of during their life. In the Mortal Realms these are quite difficult to come across and often command incredible prices. One of the greatest features is that all Elven weapons are treated as if they were either silver or cold iron for the purposes of hitting certain creatures. They aren’t actually made of such materials (many elves being quite susceptible to cold iron) but the inherent enchantments that come from their construction methods and the exotic, non-rusting “Elven Steel” used.

All of these items are rarely available in the Mortal Realms and have Exotic availability. The prices listed are reflective of this and the fact that the elves themselves maintain a primarily gift economy rather than a market or barter-based system. It is also worthwhile noticing that many of those found in the Mortal Realms have been constructed in places like Mistvale or Silverveil – those items with an actual Faerie provenance can command even greater prices to collectors.

Elven Longknife: A long-bladed, single-edged blade of roughly 12″ overall length, the Elven Longknife is balanced for throwing (ROF: 2, Ranges: 1″/2″/3″) and grants an additional +1 to Parry. Due to its size, Surprise attacks can be made in melee combat if it is thrown at an opponent – very few expect such a weapon to balanced for throwing! Damage: 1d6/1d6, 20sp.

Elven Shortsword: While there are multiple styles of Elven Shortsword, they all have a number of similarities; a slightly curved blade, a chisel-point, single-edged, and roughly two-and-half feet in overall length. Their use tends to be limited to warriors and some ritual use. Damage: 1d8/1d10, 250sp.

Elven Longsword: Similar to the Elven Shortsword, there are multiple styles with the same shared profile, save that the overall length is roughly four feet. The Elven Longsword is reserved for warriors, the epitome being the “Wind Blade” of the “Wind and Fire” matched sets of Long and Short swords. Damage: 1d10/2d8, 750sp.

Elven Battlesword: The elven version of the single-edged Hand-and-a-Half Sword, it is an elegant weapon of war that has a typically Elven slightly curved and chisel-pointed blade roughly three-and-half feet in length, often around four-and-half feet on overall length. Like all Battleswords it has Cleaving and +1 to Strike when used two-handed, but due to its balance it merely incurs a -2 Initiative penalty rather than being forced to strike in Post-Rounds. In order to be used single-handed it requires a Strength of 11+ and a Dexterity of 11+. Damage: 1d12/3d6, 600sp.

Elven Greatsword: Roughly six feet in overall length, the slightly curving, single-edged four-foot blade of the Elven Greatsword is amazingly delicate for the damage it deals out. Like all Greatswords it is +1 to Strike, has Cleaving, and must be wielded with two hands. Due to its balance it merely suffers a -4 to Initiative penalty rather than being forced to strike in Post-rounds. Damage: 1d12/2d12, 1000sp.

Elven Spear: Between six and seven feet in length, the Elven Spear is made of strong, resilient silver-white wood with a broad-bladed tip. It may be thrown (ROF1, Ranges: 2″/3″/5″) with such accuracy that it seems to fly through the air, though it’s strength and keen bladed head allow it to almost be used as a polearm in melee combat. Damage: 1d8/1d10, 10sp.

Elven Longbow: Prized by archers of all sorts, the silvery-grey wood of the Elvish Longbow is distinctive from a distance – which is excellent given their increased range (ROF:2, Ranges: 9″/16″/23″). Commonly etched and carved with minute designs, the Elves name their bows and treat them with the same level of honor as Humans view their swords and Dwarves their axes and hammers. In combination with Elven Arrows these bows, and the archers that use them, are deadly. Damage: As Arrow, 600sp

Elven Greatbow: The epitome of the Elven bowers art, the Elven Greatbow is prized by their archers and reserved for the most skilled among them. Like the Elven Longbow, the range is greater than a normal (ROF:2, Ranges: 10″/16″/26″) and many are prized heirlooms of their bearers. Damage: As Arrow, 900sp

Elven Arrows: Finely made and balanced, Elven Arrows grant a +1 to Hit and are most commonly found as Standard, Bodkins, and Broadheads. Damage: +1d4/+1d4, 5sp (Any Type)

Elven Chainmail: Made of a fine mesh of strong chain links, this can be worn and hidden underneath clothing successfully. Non-Bulky, 30lbs, 12″ Move, AC5, 1500sp.

Elven Chain & Plate: Made of fine elven chain as well as delicate plates and exquisitely articulated joints and often etched and inscribed with fantastic designs, to human eyes this almost appears like costume armour. Fairly Bulky, 50lbs, 9″ Move, AC3, 5000sp.

Elven Cloak: A tightly woven, but supple and soft cloak of a neutral greyish-greenish color, the Elven Cloak provides a +2 to Surprise checks in natural surroundings. It also grants a +25% to “Hide in Shadows” attempts for Rogues in the same settings. It is amazingly strong and warm while also allowing the wearing to “breathe” quite easily – it is considered the most favorable form of clothing for either cold climates and the wearer does not suffer any penalties when wearing it in warm ones. 1000sp.

Elven Boots: Finely made and delicately embossed leather, Elven Boots and quite study despite their appearance. They are also quite comfortable and easy to move in, and due to their suppleness provide a +1 to Surprise rolls and a +25% to Move Silently for Rogues. 1000sp.

Elven Cordial: Spicy and strong, with a cleansing finish, this shimmering drink with faint silver and emerald sparkles is one of the most common of elven drinks. Elven Cordial heals 1d4, grants the ability to make an additional save vs. Poison if there is any within their system, and grants an additional save vs Disease and Parasitic Infection. It also provides the drinker halves the need for water for a 24 hour period of time. It commonly comes in leather-wrapped crystal decanters that hold five quaffs. 500sp per quaff.

Elven Waybread: Light and airy, with a honey-sweet and nutty flavour, these crisp wafers are prized by all for their taste, let aloe their nutritional properties. Carefully wrapped in leaves, an unbroken wafer provide all of the nutrition needed for a full day of hard exertion (broken wafers are only half as effective). A weeks worth fits neatly in a beltpouch – when you can find it! 10sp per wafer.

Elven Spellcrystal: While the Fae have always written in formats that humans and other races would recognize, they also record information in crystals that can be accessed by entering the proper meditative state and using the facets and the mystical qualities of the crystal as a staring pattern. When used as a spellbook, a typical spellcrystal can store significantly more information in a much smaller (and more resiliant) package. An Elven Spellcrystal can easily record 500 levels worth of spells. 10,000sp

On a more Dungeon Masterly note, this makes (along with Dwarven, Gnomish, and other racial gear) a great way to hand out quite useful items that aren’t super-magical but still have quite a bit of umami to them.

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2 thoughts on “Elven Weaponry and Equipment (1e)

  1. Cool…I’ve meant to do something like this for ages. Feel a new post coming on!

    Out of curiosity, what do the special subabilities do, like parry and cleave?

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