Arriving at Seraph Keep… – Session #8

Please bear with me, I’m kind of behind on keeping up the campaign log. I’ve been busy at work with a couple of projects so I’ve had much less free time than normal.

So this was about a month ago, and it was automatically odd because about half the group had to miss it due to various commitments and because in the last game session two player characters and an NPC disappeared off via a magical mishap. So a large part of this was getting two new characters into the group to replace Tier and Roland. Unfortunately the only players that were able to make it were former players of Tier and Roland, plus the player of Ketzl the Gnome (which also made it an “stag afternoon” since it was only men who had made it). So, I made the ruling that the party had traveled all the way up north to Seraph Keep and that people were training and otherwise advancing as they were able. Both Frater Nikolai (Cleric) and Brother Illya (Warrior-Monk) made it to 3rd level, as did Vesna (Mage) – Mikus (Rogue) made it to 4th level! – so there was plenty of training time needed.

But in the same vein, this left Ketzl (Gnome IL/THF) with not much to do and the same with Gryphon (NPC Dwarven FTR/THF) – so they were hanging around in the tavern when the two rangers walked in…

The new characters are Artan (Roland’s player) and Taloth (Tier’s player), Taloth is actually 2nd level because it’s a previously exisiting character with a certain amount of play under his belt. But they are both rangers, and after some drinks and some cards, they are broughting into the party and the group decides to see if they can scout the road to the Caves of Chaos out a little bit.

In truth, nothing much happened this gaming session, but Ketzl’s player and I ended up talking a lot of “gaming theory” with other two players (who are our most inexperienced and struggle a bit at times), we also talked about role-playing and did a lot of role-playing – and we all had a lot of fun.

Which is the whole point of gaming!


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