New Kids in Town… Session #7

So Sunday was gaming, and it was kind of an odd day to say the least. Two players were out because of other commitments, one players was gone for a funeral, and one player just didn’t show – and on top of that two players had to introduce new characters because they’d lost thier old ones in the last session.

This brought about some interesting role-playing, given who did show up, as well as some great discussions about historical accuracy vs. fantastic reconstruction vs. Gygaxian naturalism. It also moved into the discussions of how any decent campaign has to extrapolate out certain things just in order to make sense of world in which both castles as defensive fortifications nominally exist along side of things like Rock to Mud spells…

In any case, I decided that the party had made it to Seraph Keep and since most of the players that had missed had characters who would be advancing and training (or maybe not, but that’s what I thought) I would have the new PC’s meet the one of the old PC’s and NPC’s (the Gnomish IL/THF and the Dwarven FTR/THF respectively). In this process we discovered that Gryphon (the dwarf) evidently comes from a dwarven kingdom near the sea because there was a definite “Guido-ish” personality and Jersey-parodied accent that came through. All he needs is the wife-beater and a pack of smokes to complete the image. But the new characters (both Rangers) joined up, and they even decided to scout out the road a little bit to see if they could locate the goblin-infested Caves of Chaos that they kept hearing rumors about. They didn’t find it, but they manage to gather though the day some interesting rumors…

Like the fact that there were evidently more than one goblin tribe involved. This was something that the rangers didn’t like to hear since that implied someother force involved – goblins don’t play well with each other. They’d also heard that there were many traps and the like near the entrances, along with the notion that the caves were located near the road to north, within a couple of days journey to the north. The dwarf noted that the the now missing Mage had heard tell of an old mages complex somehwere in the area as well that he’d been looking for.

The time frame and the lay-over has also allowed the party to train and do experience – and things are going pretty well. We now have:

Frater Nikolai – LG Human Cleric 3 (Fighter 1) – The de facto leader of the group.
Brother Illya – LG High Man Warrior-Monk 2 (Psionicist 1) – His right-hand man.
Mika (formerly Mikus) – CN Human Thief 4 – Still adjusting to the sex-change.
Vesna – TN Human Mage 3 – Sitting on top of Kyril’s spell books.
Taloth Darkbane – CG Human Archer-Ranger 2 – New guy in group.
Artan Conner – NG Human Ranger 1 – The other new guy in the group.
Arvid – NG Human Ranger 1 – Pretty quiet and rather risk-averse.
Ketzl Silvermoraine- CN Gnomish Illusionist/Thief 2/1 – Instigator but generally nice guy.
Greyleaf – CN Half-Elf Sorcerer/Thief 1/1 – Mysterious new guy.
Gryphon (NPC) – CN Dwarven Fighter/Thief 2/3 (Psychic) – Plays hard, drinks hard, hits hard…
Astrin (NPC) – LN Grey Elf Duelist/Diabolist/Bounty-Hunter 2/4/3 (Psychic) – Quiet, deadly, beautiful.

Plus next week we’ll like have returning because the players are visiting for the weekend:
Smjor – LN Human Barbarian 2
Jezebel – NG Half-Elf Ranger/Druid 2/2

Tier – NG Grey Elf Fighter/Mage 2/2 (Psychic) – He’s in the Shadowlands, prepping to enter the great Arena of Khazan (ok, more likely a little feeder arena, but that doesn’t sound so impressive)
Kyril (NPC) – TN High Man Mage 3 (Witch 1) (Psychic) – More on him later.

All in all, this looks like it will be a pretty interesting “exploration” of the Caves of Chaos…

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