Seraph Keep…

At the end of the last game session, where the rest of the players created characters and we figured out what the other players had done post-Goblins to get training and whatnot, I threw out a bunch of rumors that would have taken players into a wide variety of entry-level modules. Of course they picked what is arguably the toughest of the entire bunch.

B2 – Keep on the Borderlands

I have been looking over this module as it is printed and I’m remembering why this is such a classic. It is designed to give TPK’s to players who don’t learn OD&D tactics. That is, managing resources like healing and spells, and knowing when to run away and get help. It also has those couple of very D&Dish monsters that seem way, way, way out of context for a LVL1-3 module. Perhaps it is just my fading memory, but it seems like D&D always had these kind of crazy overpowered monsters in modules compared to AD&D.

I have no idea as to what I want to do. The last time I ran this for low-level characters I tweaked things down a notch. This time I’m very tempted to leave everything as it is and see how it all comes out – it is quite probable that a couple of PC’s will bite it, even if I load up the party with a handful of helpful NPC’s (who are also likely to die in the process).

But in the process, they’ll get to go to “Seraph Keep” an outpost and small community of the Society of Light in the foothills of the great Mountains of Martyrs, just over the border of the Grand Duchy of Sohac which is ruled by the seemingly immortal mage Gordan Ran-Wyld (a former PC from about 10-12 years ago) since the Mad God’s war. Amusingly, all of these players have run into Gordan in an earlier game with different characters and about half of these players played in the campaign that spawned him. One lady could arguably run into her old PC, who is also still working for Gordan, that will be fun if it ever happens.



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