Mages and Wands (1e)

So, I talked here about Material Componants and after some thought I realized that I could add in something from my Home Brew that I had liked.


Now, the image of a mage and wand is rather iconic – but has no place in AD&D unless it is some sort of magical item. I was talking with my spouse, and the topic of wands came up and I had a flash of inspiration. What if a “normal” mages wand was merely a method of not having to deal with material components?

So, after some more cogitating upon the idea, here is what I came up with.

  • Mage’s Wand: A mage’s wand is imbued with the Mage’s Essence and provides a focus for thier will and spell-casting. Each wand can store up to 100 charges, each charge able to substitute for a level’s worth of material components (1st level spell, 1 charge; 5th level spell, 5 charges). It is recharged with the 1st level “Imbue” spell, and which channels spell level energy 1:1 as charges into the wand. The wand counts as “part of the mage” for the purposes of various spells, and if a wand is broken or otherwise destroyed, the mage is stunned and reeling for 1 segment per charge in the wand at the time. Wands vary in cost depending upon materials used and the construction, and some may also have other benefits as well as determined by the DM.

Tomorrow I’ll post the details of a Mage’s Kris (their ritual blades).



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