Those Pesky Material Components… (1e)

Ahhh… Those pesky material components that most people seemed to kind of liked the idea of, but were such a pain in the ass to play with and keep track of so they never did. I decided a long time ago to run with a primary spell-casting language, the “True Speech” – the language of magic and dragons, lifted directly from Earthsea and keep some of the more ritualized components as mentioned below. This worked great, but when I switched to my home brew system I complicated things a bit, and discovered that people could keep track of things better than we had all thought. The following is an AD&Dized version of those rules:

Material Components- With the exception of certain spells with specific, ritualized components (clerical Augury, mage’s Spiritwrack or Trap the Soul, etc) the following classes only need the following components when casting spells.

  • Wizards, Necromancers, Minstrels, and Incantatrixes: Rather than worrying about keeping track of the varying specific material components (aside from the specific ritualized ones mentioned above), they instead track their components as relatively generic amounts based on the level of spell that they are for. So a they would note, “Spell Components: 20x Common, 10x Uncommon” and merely mark them off as used. 1st and 2nd level spells use Common Components cost 1d6cp for each; 3rd, 4th, & 5th level spells use Uncommon components costing 1d6sp each, 6th and 7th level spells use Rare components costing 1d6gp for each; and 8th and 9th level spells use Exotic components costing 1d6pp for each. All components are 1gp in encumbrance, and are consumed or spoiled with casting. Each spell requires one component for each level of the spell. NOTE: Elves do not use Material Components or Wands.
  • Elementalists and Sorcerers: Only have verbal and somatic components to their spells.
  • Illusionists and Tantrics: Only have somatic components to their spells
  • Alchemists: Costs associated are addressed within the description of the class.
  • Diabolists: Treat 1st through 3rd Spells as Clerical Spells, while 4th through 7th spells are treated as mage spells. They may treat their ritual blade as a Wand.
  • Clerics, Templars, & Healers: Other than specific, ritualized spells only need their Holy Symbol as a material component. This is not generally consumed in the use of a clerical prayer.
  • Witches and Shaman: Have a variety of ritualized implements that they use, details are specific depending upon the specifics of their origin. These serve the same function as a Holy Symbol, and are not generally consumed with casting.
  • Bards: Need only their instrument and/or their voice for their Bardic Song Magic and only verbal and somatic components for their Illusionist magics.
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