Grey Elves, the Liandar (1e)

“Two Ages and two-hundred of your generations ago the Lord of Blades, High Prince of the Great House of the Sword, passed on the blade of his father, the athamae of our House, to his bastard half-elven son. Whether it was out of despair or out of anger we do not know but since then we have been leaderless, abandoned by our brethren in the Golden Woods and scorned by our kin in the Great Vale. Unwilling to join our sundered kin in the Shadowlands, we have made our way in the Mortal Realms, for we are the Elves of Twilight, wardancers, bladesingers, the Grey Elves. We are the Broken Swords who fight in the darkness when all hope is lost.” – Neysylkentarien, Noted Duelist and Rogue

The Grey Elves are the most commonly encountered of the Fae within the Mortal Realms aside from the Gnomes. A proud and passionate people, they still resent thier second-hand status in Elvish society due to the loss of their House’s athamea but aren’t yet willing to give up and swear fealty to the High Lord of the Shadowlands in response to it. But after a double handful of elven generations, they have become something less and more than what they once were. Pragmatic, they have created thier own enclaves, own kingdoms, and own society in the Mortal Realms and have ended up becoming a mediator between their kin in Faerie and the Shadowlands. It is not uncommon for children to be fostered with either set of kin, though all things being equal, at this point the Grey Elves get along better with thier equally pragmatic cousins in the Shadowlands, the Sh’Achtar – and thier cousins in the Golden Woods generally consider them of the same ilk.

Appearance: Male Grey Elves stand 72″ tall, +1d12 or -1d12, and Weigh 160 lbs, +2-24 or -2-12 while female Grey Elves stand 70″ tall, +1d12 or -1d12, and Weigh 150 lbs, +2-24 or -2-12. They are generally slim in build, and somewhat light complected (though some are quite dusky in tone). Thier hair tends to blacks and dark browns, while thier eyes are often green or grey. Through intermarriages with thier kin there are occasional blonde and white-haired Grey Elves, as well as silver and violet-eyed ones – red hair, as always, is very, very rare but is considered less of an ill-omen among the Grey Elves than among any of thier kin.

Lifespan: Grey Elves are young adults at age 75, considered mature adults at around age 150, and can live up to 1300 years of age. They generally begin play at 70 + 5d6 years of age.

Common Alignments: Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Lawful Good, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral.

Common Character Classes: Fighter, Duelist, Shaman, Witch, Rogue, Assassin, Minstrel, Mountebank, Mage, Alchemist, Illusionist, Sorcerer, Tantric.

Common Professions: Mercenarys, Spellblades and Battlemages, Rogues of all sorts, Duelists, Tantrics and Courtesans. Grey Elves tend to avoid common trades, but have been known to work as “Fingersmiths” – any skilled profession that involves high levels of manual dextery like jewelers, locksmiths, clockwork enginners, etc. In general though any trade that does not involve some sort of skill-at-arms is considered somewhat déclassé if it does not involve magery or magic.

Common Religions: Grey Elves invariably follow the same philosophical path or personal spirituality as the rest of thier kin, Liavikor or “Ruling Passion” combined with a healthy appreciation of their living ancestors, the Elvandar though they have much less contact with them due to thier residence outside of Faerie. That said, Grey Elves are increasingly following the example of thier kin the sh’achtar and making various and sundry pacts with powerful spirits and beings outside of the traditional purview of the Fae.

Statistic Bonuses: +1 Dexterity, +1 Talent, +2 Power, +2 Comeliness, -1 Constitution

Languages: Faerie, The Dark Tongue, Trollish, Kens, Fingerspeech, Two Human Languages (Int15 +1, Int 16 +2, Int17 +3, Int18 +4)

Special Abilities: +1 to Hit in Combat; Detect Secret/Concealed Doors (1-2/6, 3/6); 90% Resistant to Sleep & Charm; Ultravision 60′; +2 to Surprise; Cantrips as a Mage; Noble Spell Abilities at 1st Level: Enchanted Blade, Noble Spell Abilities at 4th Level: Weapon Bless, Noble Spell Abilities at 8th Level: Spiritual Sword.

Special Vulnerabilities: Grey Elves suffer from the usual stigma and fears of the Faerie Folk as other elves and are often the first target in any hostilities (-20% to Reaction Rolls with non-Fae). Unlike other elves they must use material components for their spells (commonly having analogs for wands as part of rings or other jewelry). Grey Elves must also save vs. Death Magic or take double damage from weapons made of Cold Iron.

Character Class Limits: Entertainer – 10th, Mage – 11th, Priest – 7th, Psychic – 10th, Rogue – 10th, Warrior – 7th, Warrior-Monk – 3rd. As always, this is for Prime Attributes of 15 or less, 16 is +1 level, 17 is +2 levels, 18 is +3 levels, and 19 is +4 levels before the XP penalty is doubled from -10% to -20%.

Psionics: They are Minor Psychics with a Natural Thought Shield; Minor Disciplines: Rapport, Lights.

Additional Proficiencies or Skills: Proficiency in one type of sword, no matter what class. Noble Grey Elves are granted one free proficiency towards the study of Bladesong. Elven warriors are granted one extra weapon proficiency.

Rogue Bonuses: Slight of Hand: +5%, Open Locks: -5%, Find/Remove Traps: No Bonus, Stealth: +10%, Climb Walls: No Bonus, Acrobatics: No Bonus, Tumbling: +5%

Perception/ Hear Noise: Base 15%

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2 thoughts on “Grey Elves, the Liandar (1e)

  1. Power and Talent?

    Do all of these elves have psychic abilities?

    Very cool history and details.

  2. Yup, they all have those. It’s a nice way to give them a very great bit “flavor ability” that actually kind of screws them at the same time once they start running into psychic encounters…

    Talent and Power are described in My Most Radical Change to AD&D


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