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So, I was wondering what exactly I do have in my gaming library at the moment – namely what games have survived the handful of purges over the years?

  • AD&D –Yeah, I’ll include all of it here (like my old, original D&D Blue Book through the couple of DnD 4Ebooks I have), but it is mainly the AD&D hardcovers with a mixture of modules from all of the editions and a handful of other things. It could never be considered a “complete” collection in any way shape or form, but it’s a pretty decent pile of books.
  • Traveller –This one is a bit closer to “complete” – or at least it used to be before Mongoose and some other folks started publishing the hell out of the game again. I have very close to a complete run of Classic and MegaTraveller (including all sorts of one-off obscure things), a somewhat complete “Milieu O” collection, and hardly anything from the New Era. I love this game, and the setting.
  • Call of Cthulhu / Delta Green –This has been purged pretty badly at times. I used to own all of the old boxed sets, but sold them off for a mint a couple of years ago on EBay (mostly sold to folks in Australia and SouthEast Asia/Micronesia – who would have thought?). But I own a nice pile of stuff for the game, and basically everything that Pagan Publishing put out short of all the back issues of TUO. I love this game too, and have played the heck out of it in the past.

  • Those three could be considered my “Three Musketeers” – I started with them and have stayed with them pretty much as the driving icons of the three genres and styles of play. But I have a d’Artagnan as well…

  • Cyberpunk 2020 –Yeah, I have, I think, a complete run of everything published for both 2020 and 2013, by anyone. Ianus Games, Atlas Games, RTG, Interface Magazine, etc. I have the rulebook for 203X, but I don’t want to talk about what Mike Pondsmith did to his baby. It was criminal… Combined with Traveller, this game is now my choice of SciFi engines and has been for about twenty years now.

  • But the question remains of what the heck else is sitting on my shelves? In no particular order:

  • Victoriana –Second Edition, this is what we just finished playing. It’s a fun game with an interesting engine that works better at mid-levels than beginning levels, and while I tweaked the setting pretty massively, everyone enjoyed it. I just found myself about a half-a-step out of time with the music running it.
  • White Wolf – Ok, it’s really in a set of boxes in the basement, but we still own this stuff. Classic example of a fantastic game setting, the great bloody mother of narrativist storytelling (Ars Magic would be the grandfather – and the 1st Printing, 1st Edition rulebook with the reciept where I bought it at Gencon still in it is around somewhere). The engine is a mess, the setting is a mess, but damn it was fun to read at times – and we even squeezed out a handful of really chronicles. An almost total line of Mage, plus a large helping of Vampire, and even some Werewolf, Wraith, Changeling, Demon, etc. Pretty much all Revised, but at one time I owned most of it as 1E books as well – sold it all to a gaming club at one point when I was sick of it the first time. While we might return to the game world we created, we will never run this uber-kludged system ever again.
  • In Nomine –Fun, Fun, FUN! A complete collection, but man is this a funky engine and an even funkier setting. My spouse ran a great game of this, but eventually it broke itself setting and engine-wise. I guess we just couldn’t suspend our disbelief that much…
  • Pendragon –The coolest game I’ve never played. I can never get anyone interested in playing this game and I own a pretty decent collection of the supplements for it. I stripped the hell out of the Lordly Domains book to build rules for characters in my fantasy setting to run thier own manors and domains.
  • Thieves Guild –This one is somewhat obscure, but not badly I hope. I think I own everything for this, it would be interesting to see if there is anything I’ve missed over the years. It was a great game with a great premise – play thieves and essentially only thieves. Played it, loved it, and stole a bunch of stuff to use in my fantasy setting at various times.
  • Psi World –This is an old FGU game, with Matt Wagner art of all things, and based on a near-future world with psionics. It was a fun game, very “FGU” in nature with charts and whatnot, but I own pretyy much everything published for it (all two modules?).
  • Elric –Yeah, I don’t have Stormbringer any more, but I have a nice selection of the Elric stuff. I swear, Chaosium really had some of the best games out there. I loved this game, played the heck out of it at times, but haven’t played it in years.
  • Justifiers –Ok, this one is obscure. It’s sort of cyberpunk before there was cyberpunk, but done with bioengineered animals as expendable explorers in space. I own the whole darn line, and I can’t believe they published as much as they did. Fun, but brainless for the most part.
  • Exalted –Purchased mainly to have something to play with my son, it is a fun but somewhat broken system. e both enjoyed it (him more than me because he didn’t have to run it…) but it is a great line full of some great ideas. certainly something to read to get you head out of the “European Middle Ages” box.
  • Palladium –I have the Fantasy RPG, plus some supplements, plus a copy of Mechanoids (the big softcover, I lost my little booklets years and years ago). I could never get into Rifts, it was fun to read, but had too much of a hodgepodge for me to really want to play.
  • Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes –Memories of youth, what more can I say? It is a decent game as games of it’s era goes – just bring lots and lots of d6.
  • Theatrix –Another very, very obscure game – I bought it merely so I could make sense of the Ironwood supplement for it – a take on the Bill Wallingham adult comic. It’s stuck around mostly because it is a huge novelty.
  • Witchcraft / Armageddeon –I’ve had both of these since they came out and loved them, they make a nice bookend for a setting. This may end up being the replacement engine for the Mage/White Wolf game we used to run.
  • Supernatural –Never played it, bought as a possible replacement for Mage/White Wolf.
  • Dresdan Files –Ditto, though it looks like an interesting system and I hear good things about it.
  • Savage Worlds –Ditto.
  • Blue Rose –My son bought this for my spouse, thinking it was a good game for her to run. She hasn’t yet, but it might happen.
  • Artesia –I might play this someday if there was any more support for it. It looks like just the sort of game that I would love.
  • Talislanta –Played this, loved it, but dropped it during it’s long fallow period. I’ve looked at some of the newer stuff for it and can’t bring myself to shell out more money on the game again when I pretty much have everything I need to cover the whole darn world.
  • GURPS –Ok, mostly for the supplements, But I did try to play this a few times…
  • Celtic Legends –This is kind of an art-house game, a translation of French RPG. Kind of cool, but I never played it.
  • Fading Suns –I loved this game, I even stole portions of it for my “CyberTraveller” campaign. It has a wonderful, evocative and creepy feel to it that captured “old school scifi” way better than some other efforts.

  • I think that’s “it” – not counting wargames and what else might be buried in an odd corner of the basement. I’ll see if anything else turns up as I search for more AD&D stuff…

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    4 thoughts on “Gaming Library…

    1. I’ve got Dresdan Files too. The second book doubles as an awesome universe bible for when I forget who’s who. The system looks kind on neat too.

      • My buddy SS has played it actually and thinks it is pretty cool, it forces the players to generate most of the story and most of the action. I have to admit that I stopped reading the series a few books back, got distracted by research and work…

    2. Familiar listing you have there! Sounds like my book shelves, including Celtic Legends! Very cool ‘real fantasy’ game there.

      Also Dresden and Armagedon are great urban fantasy White Wolf replelements!

      • I was rather amazed by Celtic Legends, I never maned to play it but it was a heck of a lot of fun to read!


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