The Unspeakable Oath #18

My copy of TUO #18 just arrived today, money had been kinda tight and I hadn’t gotten around to ordering it initially and then I sort of blanked on it until the recent (successful!) Kickstarter campaign for Through A Glass Darkly came about. I’m happy I ordered it, it’s just what I’m looking for in a gaming magazine/supplement these days. A mix of articles, scenario seeds, and reviews with some advertising to round it all out.

Now, Call of Cthulhu is easily one of my trinity of games, the other two being AD&D (1E) and the other being a combination of Traveller and Cyberpunk 2020. I used to own all of the boxed sets (and made a mint a few years ago selling them on EBay), and while I’ve waxed and waned in my love of how Chaosium has handled the content (I hated the Blood Brother’s stuff) I been a fan of essentially every single thing that Pagan Publishing has put out – I’m a proud and happy owner of both Golden Dawn and Coming Full Circle for example.

I also own Interface #2/2…

So TUO has been a nice thing to see again – I have issues 14/15 and 16/17, the others have disappeared into the depths of time, and I am really happy with what has been coming out of Pagan Publishing lately. Mysteries of Mesoamerica was a joy to see after of years as vaporware (the Blair Reynolds art was a joy – I own a copy of Black Sands #1 as well…) as was “Cult of Transcendence” content in Targets of Opportunity, I was “a Fundable guy” for that as well and still a bit surprised (pleasantly) that it ever saw the light of day.

So here’s to looking forward to more of The Unspeakable Oath!


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