Power Gaming Archeology

So, I realized after my first post on Power Gaming that I actually have an opportunity to do some interesting archeology. I have still have intact, for whatever reason (nostalgia for the most part) not only the original folder and materials for the BYOC game that I mentioned running at Gen Con for a couple of years. Most interesting for this purpose is that I still have the “Character Summaries” that I kept for one or two of the years that I ran it. These were sheets that I kept as the GM just to give me an idea of what I had across from me at the table. It listed:

Name – Class – Level – Race – Hit Points – Armour Class (Front/Side/Rear) – Alignment – Deity – Psionic (Yes/No) – and “Special Number”

I suspect that it was two years simply because I have one set that omits “Race” – I also know that there were more that I don’t have because I distinctly remember a handful of Barbarian brothers one year that aren’t listed on any of the sheets. There’s also enough cross-outs that I think I simply crossed out people who left to get to another game. At least one year I also ran a Cyberpunk game (2020 or 2013), kind of a fun one incorporating the Cthulhu mythos (before the article in Interface btw…) and I remember working hard on a CoC game entitled “Cthulhu Nam” using a LRRP team in Cambodia that stumbled across the wrong bad guys… Can’t remember for the life of me if I ever ran it. I think I did, but I’m not entirely certain. I remember being annoyed because I sent off for some declassified recon photos that I never ended up getting for that game….

On the other hand there is another plus! I have a set of letters from a lady who had played one year (the first year I think) who wrote me afterwards which dates the game to the 1990 Gen Con, which means that I also ran it 1991 as well – I wish I could remember if ran it three years though but for the life of me I just can’t recall. One of the conceits of this game was not only did I run for back-toback sessions as one “marathon game” (This let me get done with my obligitory number of sessions for the DM rate much quicker with less impact on doing my own stuff the rest of the Con) I also ran each year as a “year later in time” so this lady (and at least a couple of other players) came back for more – and the lady actually wrote letters in order to do some “in game research” during the year as her character tried to figure out what was going on.

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