Old School Characters…

This is a really fascinating link and story that really captures the flavor of “Old School AD&D” for me.

The Case of Morgan Just

James Maliszewski is a cool old guy, he started playing the same way I did, and only about a year after I did as well (intended as a present for Dad, and I started in January/February of ’79 rather than February of ’80) – and then he moved into professional game design and writing, whereas I went off in a host of other directions.

I started playing a few months before him and then played the hell out of AD&D 1E right into the front end of 2E, when I stopped some time in 1995.

Yeah, that timeline feels right – 16 years of play, then another 16 years fallow…


That’s an strange bit of coincidence.

In any case, he has some nice insights into the OSR and this post really makes sense to me.


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